All you need to know on Message For You

I have a smartphone/tablet. How can I scan the QR code?

Go to your App store and download the free app 'QR code reader', open it and highlight the QR code with your device. In a few seconds you will be able to access Message for you.

What file formats for video and images can I upload?

Images: jpg, png Video: avi, mpg, mov, wmv, 3gp, m4v, mpeg, mpeg4, mpg4, mp4.

What is the meaning of the flag 'I agree that the addressee may share these contents on the social networks'?

By accepting these conditions you will allow the recipient of your gift to share his or her personalised message on the main social networks and to save it to a computer, smartphone and tablet. If you do not accept this condition, the recipient will see your message only by accessing the Message for you platform.

What does it mean that the videos 'lasts' for two months?

Once the photos or video messages are uploaded, they can be viewed for 60 days starting from the date of recording. If the person who recorded the message has authorised the recipient to share the contents, during the 60 days the contents of the message (photo and video) can be saved at any time to the recipient's computer. In any case, when the 60 days have lapsed, the message will be eliminated.

Can I take a photo or record video while I am using the Message for you service or must I do it beforehand?

If you are using the service through a smartphone or tablet, you can take a picture or record video while you are using Message for you. If you are accessing it from a computer, you may only upload a photo already taken or a video already recorded, that is, a file that has already been saved.

I have technical problems. Who should I contact?

I cancelled or lost the confirmation/modification e-mail of my personalised message. What must I do to recover it?

Send an e-mail to specifying the number located on the sticker underneath the QR code.

I made my purchase in a boutique but the recipient of the gift has lost the shopping bag with the sticker. Is there any way to see the message without the QR and code number?

No. The code number is necessary to trace the personalised message.

The recipient will find the instructions on how to access Message for you inside the pack.

I would like to know more about Message for you. Who should I contact for that?

You can contact Customer Service: